How many miles

How many miles has everybody done?

I have done 2800 road miles in the last 3 months, most of them on the back wheel :)

1150 miles in 15 mos & not a single problem w/my '00WR. rides = 90% Arizona desert/10% moto. my KTM300EXC is a distant memory now! bobwombat

I have 5200 miles on a 00 Wr400 with no problems. The valves didn't even need adjustment until 3800 miles. My riding is 90% California desert and 10% highway. This is an awesome running bike with correct jetting and a stock pipe with a Stroker quiet insert.

(Iwon't waste money on an aftermarket pipe)By the way, my jetting works well between 1500-9000 ft.


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