Idling Weird

Hello All,

I bought my 2001 650R from Thumpdaddy and am having problems with the idle. It seems that whenever I get the bike up to temp and let it idle, the idle will jump around, what I mean is maybe 5 seconds of slow idle and then the idle will jump up about 3 or 400 RPM, then go back down in RPM and begin the cycle over again. I checked that the throttle cable is not binding and is seated on its stop.

Any Ideas?



The idle should not fluctuate any. Maybe it has an intermittent air leak maybe. Check all intake connections, especially the carb intake boot. If that's not it, then I don't know man, does it still have the stock carb on it?


'00XR650R/uncorked/jetted/street legal

My 94 XR650L would idle up and down with engine rpm. I noticed that when riding in the mountains that going up the mountians the idle will go up and using engine braking, going down the other side,the idle would go down to where it would stall if you let off the gas. :cry: I found that the idle set screw was rotation with engine vibration. :cry: It would move different ways depending on engine speed. :cry: I fixed it with a small drop of light duty loc-tite. :cry: Just replace the drop when ever you adjust the idle. It never hurts to look.


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