Using wrong engine oil

On my 2001 XR650R , went to my dealer that I bought my bike from and ask what oil to use this winter for ice racing. He told me to use spectro ATV 5W30 oil and that it would be ok. WRONG !!!

I rode the track for a few hours and my clutch wouldn't disengage when I pulled in the clutch lever. Took clutch cover off and cooked my outer clutch basket to the shaft. Had to buy a new outer basket, bushing and thrush washer, luckly the shaft was ok. So learn from my mistake and stick to honda oil only and HP and not HPM.

The 5W30 oil may be the reason you got away with what you were doing for longer, rather than being the cause of the problem.

Clutch seizing is a known common problem with the 650, I have heard of lots of others that it has happened to and they have all been warranteed by their dealers.

The repair includes the fitting of a re-designed clutch bushing which has more oil holes plus a new oil channel.

Several people have said that it occurred when sat with the clutch pulled in at a standstill, whilst revving. Often the beginning of a race.

Go speak to your dealer for a refund...

So you guys think it is kosher to run a 5w/30 oil in a large bore thumper that hits 9000 rpm on a regular basis?

I think he was lucky to only have killed his clutch bushing and not the whole damn motor.

Think about it, the clutch side is almost always higher than the other parts of the engine when doing circle track ice/ dirt track racing (turning left).

Just another example of taking the word of an idiot parts guy.

So who was the dealer David? :)

[ February 21, 2002: Message edited by: Dieselchild ]

That bushing was destined to die regardless of the oil. Don't kill the parts guy.

I ran 10-30 in my '00 650R.

One thing about 5w-anything that I don't like, solvents are added to get the 5w. Then polimers are added to get the 30,40,50. This adds up to lots of stuff that is not oil.

Diesel,,,the life of a circle track motorcycle is like you say clutch positionwise. FYI Graham and Shoebert had 5-30 Mobil 1 in their factory bikes,,,,600's and 750's. I dont think the weight has much to do with it in this case either.

No I don't think the weight has everything to do with it. The most important thing is the oil was designated for ATV use.

There is no way you are going to tell me that Mobil 1 is on the same playing field as an ATV oil.

Mobil one is far superior in lubrication, viscosity and thermal breakdown. Thats why you see Mobil 1 in weights like 0w-5.

I would agree with you on Mobil being a great product. I don't know about the oil used since I havent tried it. FYI and not to sound like an oil snob or something, solvents are usually added to remove wax, which affects viscosity. Polymers as a general rule are modified oil molecules. They link them to make longer chains. They can also breakdown and leave you with "whatever" wt. Oil wts though given as 30 etc can be several points one way or the other(not quite like getting dimensional steel). They just fall in a range. Also,,,Mobil 1 is created from ehylene gas rather than liquid crude,,,no solvents needed to reduce the wax since there isnt any.

Still I wouldnt sell the so called atv oil short. I dont believe it had anything to do with the clutch problem in this case which is a separate issue. I am also just as sure that atv clutches take lots of abuse,,,probably more than a motorcycles does due to them being automatic by nature and 'slipping' their lives away.

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