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If you used the 50cc motor, with the available parts our for the CRF50. What would be the bike you would build?

List all the components and companies parts you would use.

We are building a bike to be given away at next years mini moto race at the Orleans. We might jst post it in the next issue of mini moto and then let the readers decide on the parts

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Stratos SR6 Forks with 12" wheel and disc brakes

REEG Pro Frame

Kitaco 124se motor

Kitaco 5 speed tranny

Takegawa 5 plate primary clutch

Takegawa inner rotor, just because it looks sexier :cry:

Excel 12"/10" rim combo in black

DPM Pegs

Tag Miniplay bars for the forks

Classic Honda Ultima Pipe

REEG Rear cable operated disc brake

Total Chaos peg mount

Mikuni 26mm carb

BBR black skidplate

Uni Foam filter

I think thats everything, tell me if I missed something and Ill tell you what part id use.

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SR6 forks w/12inch wheel w/wave disk

BBR perimeter frame w/hydro rear disk

kitaco 124se

Magura hydro clutch

arc folding levers

Billet sano throttle

Blue tag mini-plays

Blue excel wheels

maxxis tires

acerbis(blue chrome)plastics

Takagawa close ratio 3 spd trans

5 disk clutch

Fastway pegs

Ti-force pipe

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