stock pipe vs aftermarket pipe

I was told by the guy who sold me my 2003 yz450 that I shouldn't waste my money on an after market exhuast because none of them work as good as stock. Also I'm scared if I did change pipe I'd have to re-jet and I've had alot of problems with my klx 110 in doing that. My bike starts very easily right now. I never have even used hot start. It just always starts and I'm afaid to lose that quality. Any thoughts on these issuses??? Anyone???

He is right and he is wrong.

The Bike with stock Pipe was built designed and engineered for the setup as it is when you get it from the Showroom.

The bike will perform just the same only with changes in power delivery as per what pipe you get.

Some pipes add a little more on top of the RPM range some Mid some Down Low, Some spreed it across the entire range. The big question is will you notice it or use it?

If you like to have more grunt then a pipe to fit those needs are a best choice, plus jetting and gearing in general bike setup. Pipes do add to the bike, also there is nothing wrong with the stock Pipe.

If you do change pipes you won't run into any big jetting issues. All the pipes sold will pretty much work with stock jetting. That is not to say that some fine tuning wouldn't enhance the way it runs even more though. :cry:

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