Where to get Inverted Forks for 650R?

Anyone know where to get a used CR250 or CR500 front fork set up for the XR650R?

Any ideas?


don't look at all!! those forks are the best conventional forks out there, just get them revalved and new springs to suit your riding.

I believe that you can get a pair or CR250's to fit with a little massaging.



Be very careful with the up-side down fork conversion. One of the very first tests done on the 650 back in 2000 was a conversion to the other forks, resulting in cracked frames. I am not sure which magazine the test was in but i distinctly remember the problem. I was contemplating doing the same until I saw the report. It seems that the alum. frame is not stressed for the additional ridgidity of unconventional forks. Besides if they worked better, I'll bet Team Honda would be using them.

DIRT BIKE magazine did a hop-up article on the XR650 some time ago. They installed the fork from a '97 CR250. Evidently it shaved a couple pounds (big deal) and worked great. However, Honda had a fit when they saw the article. They claimed the added stress the inverted fork put on the stearing head would cause the frame to crack.

Some years ago you likely will remember it was the rage to have upside-downs on the 600 too. I rode a friend's with that conversion and liked the way it cornered,,it was crisper. I didnt like the choppiness though. It seemed even harder on my hands. While it could have been valving, I did what some others did and simply mounted some showa cartridge conventionals in the stock clamps. It was worth it. Then Honda did it for us in what,,about 94 or 95?

What, are you crazy Jay??? You just need a little practice riding after that horrible experience the the Dale dude... The Honda is almost perfect the way it is...

Motorcycle Ken...

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