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400 sc -96 strange engine noise

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I have noticed that my 400 start to make some stange noise as it warms up, like valves that are to loose adjusted but adjustment is ok and it do not make the noice as cold. :cry:

Enyone have ideas :cry:

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Hey keny,

I ride the lc4 400 '99.

My bike does almost the same noise for long time now.

I would suggest that you should chech the automatic decompression. Mine does a clicking noise exactly the same as having the valves out of order.

Does your bikes performance changed? If not then this might be the source of the noise.

The decompression clicking is not new with the lc4, especially those up to 2002.

It will not cause any damage to your engine at all!!

I used to live with it. But you can always fix it by replacing it.

Join the Lc4 400 riders topic and we could help each other a lot with our 400 experiences



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