Edelbrock pumper kit for XR 600 ?

Has anyone put an edelbrock pumper carb on their XR 600? Are they as good as mukini or keihin pumpers?

[ February 18, 2002: Message edited by: Brian Heath ]

I have the QwikSilver pumper carb on my '95 XR600. It is one of the better modifications I made to the bike. The bike starts first or second kick now and responds like a two-stroke. If you have a stock 600 or with a pipe, get the XR600 carburetor. If you are planning any engine modifications, (ported, big bore piston, etc) order the XR628 carburetor. I started with the 600 carb and could not get it dialed in just right. When I talked to the Tech guys at Edelbrock they told me with the ported head I should use the 628 carb. Now the bike rips and I could not be happier.

I can't tell you about the Mukini or Keihin pumper carbs because I did not try them. I chose the QwikSilver because of the ease of adjustment with no jetting. Good Luck

MaXRSmart :)

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