1986 XR600r

Old bike and pretty cheap is $500 bucks a good deal for this bike and are there anythings that glaringly stand out as problems. Would just be a beater of sorts, mainly roads and around town. Any help or ideas are appreciated.

Does the bike run? If this things held together with bailing wire and drywall screws, then I would say no. Hard to give you any advise without knowing any information about the bike. :cry:

Bike runs and starts relatively easily, has some minor engine noise when cold but dies off once warmed up. I have not gotten to ride the bike yet but a friend looked at it for me and said it was in pretty good shape. Newer rubber and such. I am not real sure other than that just trying to get an idea if this bike is possilby worth purchasing.

Minor engine noise that goes away could be a weak 'cam-chain tensioner'. Costs about $400 to have it RR'd at a shop.

I bought an '86 XL600R for $400 back in July and I've put another $400 in it. Damn what a fun bike, I love it! So what if the suspension is slightly out-dated and they weigh a ton, these motors are bullet-proof and they're wheelie-monsters too. :cry:


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