Powering a GPS from a 650R?

I contacted Baja Designs about a kit they could put together to power my GPS,(they are great people to deal with), and they tell me I can hook it right up to the stock setup. Has anybody done this? My last dirt bike was a WR400 and it needed quite a bit of work to power the GPS.

Don't want to fry the thing.

It is a very simple job with almost no possibility of damage due to accidently crossing wires,the diagrams baja supplies are extremly simple and easy to follow however I'm pretty sure you will need to convert to DC to run the GPS(im sure they told you that).If you had not already thought of it I would also have my stator rewound for max output....good luck......and by the way,what kind of GPS are you going to run as I was thinking of one instead of a speedo

The way they explained to me I can hook the GPS up to the stock system. I am using a Lowrance Globalmap 100, it has maps that are downloaded and show an amazing amount of detail. I was hoping to find someone here who has already done this.

I have a Garmin GPS V wired into my Baja Designs kit. I just used the cig lighter adapter and patched it into the kit. It has been working great with no problems. Good luck.

MaXRSmart :)

I bought a rectifier regulator for $39.00 from BD and a 3amp fuse. You just replace the stock AC rectifier with the new DC one and run the Positive wire up your frame, the Neg is ground to the bike frame. I also added a small battery that recharges by the rectifier to mine so my lights and Garmin GPS stays on when I shut the engine off. I also added a 12V 20amp switch for the whole system. The battery cost $16 and is the size of a small cell phone which I zip tied behind the # plate. (12V 1.3 ohm hour)

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