Bottom rear schok bearing ?

While doing my routine maintenance checks on the bike, I noticed that the bottom bearing of the rear schock has a bit of up and down play. I took it apart and sure enough the assembly is full of dirt and rust. Seems that the seals aren't doing much. I went to the Yamaha dealer nearby and the replacement cost for two seals, the needle bearing assly and the center bushing come to $80.00 cdn. :cry:

Do any of you had to replace this part ? Can we find the replacement parts at bearing shops or is it only a dealer item ?

The replacement cost for such small item is outragous :cry:. It's a rip off but we don't have much choice.

Sorry for the outcry, it made me feel better to take it out ! :cry:

I use the Pivot Works kit from Rocky Mountain! :cry: $35.00 US

Pivot Works or All Balls. I don't know if they sell separate parts but an entire linkage kit from All Balls was $120 CAD if I remeember right. This kit came with the lower shock bearing, seals, and spacers. Everything to do the linkage plus the lower bearing. If you order the kit make sure it has that bearing, I'm not sure if Pivot Works kit includes it. Maybe I could sell you mine as I didn't install it(not worn).

Thanks fort the tip ! :cry:

I ordered the kit from my local dealer. :cry:

Did you go with the All Balls kit or Pivot Works? Do they both come with the lower bearing?

I went with the All Balls kit. I compared pivot and All Ball in the Canadian Motovan catalogue and from the description only All Balls includ the lower shock bearing.

Here is the link to the Motovan Catalog. It can be handy. You do the research for the part you need, and then you tell the part guy at your dealer which part number in the motovan catalog you need and Voila. that way you make sure that the part ordered is what you want. Not what the tought you need !

Price in CDN $$$.

my bottom shock bearing is toast. i was wondering how you guys go about replacing these bearings? my manual says to use a press and doesnt say anything else about it.

i was thinking i would try the "threaded rod" technique that they describe for the swingarm bearing. will this work?

anyone? :cry:

A vise and sockets, or the threaded rod trick would both work.... :cry:


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