WANTED: Stock XR600R Exhaust to Fit 1993

I am looking for a stock XR600R exhaust in excellent condition for a decent price. I know they are hanging around in garages everywhere.


i have a '93 xr600r stock exhaust in great shape. what is it worth to you?

Did you get you stuff? If not, let me know...



No I have not. I am looking for the exhaust from the kickstand area back. I currently have a Supertrapp and am not sure how large the rear section is. I saw one a while back for $35, but lost the guys email.

i have the original exhaust. do you have anything for trade?

have that already. why are you going to a stock exhaust anyway? lets make a deal.

I don't think the Supertrapp brings out the potential and is too loud for what it provides. I have been looking at the WB tips and would like to try one out. Tips are about $60 so I can't afford to pay a lot for the exhaust. I know they are around and am waiting to find the right deal. The hot tip says 7 hp on an XR600R and not much louder than stock.

i am going to dry fit the exhaust on my '93 to make sure it fits. i am not looking to make money here, so we can do the trade out like you want, i hear what your saying about the noise level. i have a fedex account, so shipping wont be too bad either. what does the moderator by your name mean? mine says member. i'll dry fit exhaust and see if i can borrow a digital camera and send the photos of it one. is there a part # on the exhaust that ensures its the right piece?

Rider, how much? I know it will fit. Is it in good shape? Dents? Let's hook up. Ryan

I have a stock muffler for a 95 XR600 - Should fit fine. Good news I live in Olympia, it would be real easy to bring your bike here and test fit before purchasing. Price is very negotiable, right now it is just garage art.

cool - check your pm's r4sberg

I have a stock pipe. I'm looking to upgrade. You said you had a Supertrapp, possible trade and money? Why don't you like the Supertrapp?

I have a stock pipe. I'm looking to upgrade. You said you had a Supertrapp, possible trade and money? Why don't you like the Supertrapp?

It is too LOUD

I have tons of XR600 parts, including stock and aftermarket mufflers.

Would it be proper to use this forum to post stuff I have for sale? If it's not, any suggestions where/how I can get rid of 600 stuff?


Baja, if you are a dealer or business owner you may not advertise on TT. If you have some personal items you would like to get rid of, please post in moderation.


Team TT

per '93 xr600r stock exhaust...

i 'eyeballed' the exhaust and it looks like the stock part. did you get a part number?


Sorry, I am meeting a local guy tomorrow to pick up a 95 exhaust. Thanks, Ryan

I have my pipe now, will be selling Supertrapp if anyone is interested.

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