Curious as to the average height/weight of XR650R riders.

1) Height

2) Weight

3) # of years riding

4) Type of terrain you mostly ride on the "R" (i.e. desert, tight twisty 1st/2nd gear stuff, mx tracks, climbing etc..)

1. 5'11"

2. 190

3. 3

4. woods riding-1st & 2nd gear stuff, some fire roads, power lines; typical New England trails where I rarely get out of 4th. Someday will bring the Pig out to the desert.


206 lbs

been riding off and on for 23 years

I love the open trails where I can open the bike up. Just got the 650 and havn't had the chance to open her up yet. Been riding a DR350 for the past several years and she just doesn't have enough power for me

1) Height

2) Weight

3) # of years riding

4) Type of terrain you mostly ride on

6' 3"

230 w/out gear

2 years now, 5 years 20 years ago

Desert, sometimes with my boys, :cry: sometimes with the guys (faster, tougher) :cry: sometimes with my 62 year old dad on his "L" -- those rides are more dirt road adventure rides on blm land in Arizona and Utah. :cry:

Lovin' every minute of it. Great to be back on a bike. Occasionally think about trying a race just to finish, but haven't yet.

Bought the 650R because I wanted a beast! Now realizing that it's not just the power plant -- need the clamps and bars to open the cockpit, the suspension to keep me on the bike. Having a good time working on the bike myself.

It's not true that only "big, heavy guys" ride the 650R because of it's huge power. A lot of smaller guys ride it because it's so fast and quick. And if you are in shape, the weight of the bike is not an issue.

I'm 38, 5'10", and 180lbs, and in shape. I also have a KX500 which is quicker (not faster) than my 650R.

I've been riding since I was 6, and I ride the 650R mostly on open terrain, but also in steep, tight country as well. Works well either way, but of course it's more fun doing 90+ on open terrain. For me anyway :cry:


'00 XR650R/uncorked/jetted/street legal

'04 KX500/fmf gnarly/v-force reeds


1) 5'10

2) 205lbs

3) 7 to 15 yrs old and 36 to 39 yrs old

4) East Coast, tight trails, soft/loamy/muddy, and rocky up North


275 lbs

7 years

Ride whatever terrain I can.


195 geared up

10 years

anything I can get my tires on



over 30 yrs on & off

woods riding 1,2,3

:cry: :cry: :cry:

1) 6'2

2) 230

3) approx. 8 years

4) Tight single track, rocky, hellacious mountain goat trails, and desert riding.

BRP = Best Ride Period. :cry:


2)199 lbs

3)Rode as a teenager then started again at age 50. Been riding for almost 4 years.

4)Desert, primitve roads, oval track at Nomads MX park, and snaking around the mesquite bushes on my 4 acres of prime desert.

I'm more of a wide open spaces rider. :cry:

I'm 6.0' 180lbs. I've been riding for over 20 years.

90% of my riding is desert.

Well, it's not a 650, but I just purchased a 97 XR600, so I hope it's ok if I respond :cry:


30 years old

Been riding for 25 years. Coming off of 14 years on CR250's and have only ridden the XR600 about 4 times so far, but I really like it :cry:

I ride the hills and mountains of Colorado and the rocks of Moab.

You would think with all the bigger guys and the hard riding this bike was made for they (Honda) would make the suspension setup for around 200# insted of 160#.

184 pounds today with nada,


Desert, hill climbs, not much track anymore.

Got my first mini bike in 1971, Honda 90 in 73', honda 125 76', then dads Yamaha 250 all paid for by good ol Dad, now I have to buy my own :cry:

Video XR650R over 55' Table top

sorta OT....

I've heard different rider weights that the pig is set up from the factory- from 145-175. Is there a general consensus as to what it is?



Been riding for a little over a year now

Wide open desert.



whole life on and off but for a year and a hlaf hard core.

everything from desert, mx, and single tracks

ht. 5'11"

wt. 170 w/o gear

age 31

riding mostly woods/trail Upstate NY rocky


The rear shock spring is a 9.2kg spring and that's for a 160 pound rider but, the forks have .43kg springs are for 180 pound rider. so, for and average I quess you can say it is for a 170 pound rider. If you hit front first 180, land back first and your 160? It's just ain't right. Once this bike gets dialed in for the riders weight it's one awesome machine....I have never heard anyone say other wise. Inless you weight 160 pounds. My thoughts are that the guy that tested the bike in Japan weighed 160 and rode to far foward on the seat through the whoops. At 5'6" it would be hard to get back on the seat :cry:

Guess I'm the shortest here..


95 kilos (210 lbs)? I'm stocky..

First bike 24 years ago but had a few years off.

We throw a dart at a map and try to get there....around Sydney that means fire trails and steep, narrow tracks my pig just chugs up.

WD Honda!!


1) Height


2) Weight


3) # of years riding


4) Type of terrain you mostly ride on the "R" (i.e. desert, tight twisty 1st/2nd gear stuff, mx tracks, climbing etc..)

Mexico, desert, street (using all gears mostly top 2)

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