Curious as to the average height/weight of XR650R riders.

1) 6'6"

2) 220

3) 4 mos. after a 20 year hiatus

4) trails, local mountain & desert

Looking forward to getting the BRP out Ocotillo soon! :cry: :cry:

1. 5'8"

2. 150 lbs

3. 30 years (except for that one year after breaking C-3,4,and 5) I'm 37 y/o

4. Baja. Two track and single track. But when we go to other States for trails it's the 450exc or 250X, not the 650.

1. 5'11'

2. 170 pounds

3. 30 years on/off (mostly on)

4. Everything from desert to technical woods singletrack.

1) 6'3"

2) 195

3) 27 years old and been riding about 15 years and racing the last year and a half

4) Mainly Baja desert as fast as safely possible.



3) 28 years old and have been riding for about 24 of them.

4) Mostly desert, with some dual sporting and single track thrown in!


2. 190ars

3.36, been riding for 24 years,

4. dirt street sportbikes dual sport

6'1",215-220,lift weights, riding 35 yrs,(40 years old), raced a 600 for 6 years. Actually 3 different 600s, I always broke the frames after 2 years, motors always smoked a little and were losing power but still ran strong. I owned about 6 600s altogether and only blew one motor. Now ride KTM 520 because my local Honda dealer is average and my KTM dealer is the best. If I can find a clean used 650 cheap I plan to buy one. I have an XR250 for making trail etc. I have a friend who is 5'9", and about 180lbs and he also rides XR650 in A-Open, really fast on it.

6' tall


been riding for 7 years mostly desert, Fast desert. I also ride single track and tight woods for fun.

Height - 6'-2"

Weight - 245

6 Months, after not having a bike for 14 Yrs.

Local Mountains - over Saddleback - mixed terrain

36 y/o



Riding for 23yrs. 650R was reintroduction after 6yr children induced break. Now I drop the kids off at school and go for a dual sport ride each week. Lovin it!

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