way to tone down a 426??

I think you would be much happier with a 250F or CRF250............It will have a heck of a lot more power and snap than the XR's...You will agree if you ride one....

Get a YZ125

Ok, first of all when you get to the 426-450 range in the yamaha 4-strokes you're talking about open-class power. Ive been riding for about 15 years now. I went from an 86 XR200 to a 93 WR250 2 srtoke when I was 16. I rode the snot outta that 200 for 4 years. I was more than ready to step up. But the power delivery on the WR was WAAAY smoother on the bottom end cos it had WAAAY less.If you didnt want to deal with the hit, you;d just ride it a gear high.

Now Ive got an 02 YZ426 & I ride trails and desert with it. That thing is an animal on the trails. You have to have steady throttle hand cos when you twist it, IT GOES! Nomatter what gear you are in! You could just ride your XR through the trails pinned everywhere, try that with the 426 & you'll be launching off cliffs or bouncing off trees before you learn how to handle it.

If I were you I'd look into a WR250 2 stroke, or find a clean WR400. IMO: the WR250 is the best choice.

Another vote for the wr throttle stop screw.

No rejetting, cheap, easy to install and remove. I like the idea of filing it down bit by bit. The only downside is going to be:

You: "Daaaaaaaaaad! I need more power."

Dad: "Resurface my driveway and we'll file off another thread."

Change your cam timing to WR timing, go a tooth less on the rear sprocket, get a flywheel weight.

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