I've been looking for the speedo drive block-off plug for the whole worm drive mechanism on my XR. I installed a panoram computer. The guys here in Prescott seem a little dazzeled about the request. Whom should I contact to get one...? Thanx in advance, and ride like hell...

Motorcycle Ken.


I know Enduro Engineering makes a speedo drive eliminator for the XR600 & 400, but I am not sure about the 650. You might contact Baja Designs and ask them.

MaXRSmart :)

I'f all else fails, get a rubber plug from any of the XR200's that didn't come with a speedo or odo. Have your Honda parts guy look it up on the microfiche.

I found it at www.partsfish.com. The part number is 44835-365-671, and the list price is $4.89. :)

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Hey, I'll try partsfish.com. That's a new one on me. Thx...


Or just squirt some silicone in it and ride, same effect.

My panoram came with a plug.

What I'm after is the cone shaped replacement for the whole little drive thingy, but was unsuccesful at partsfish. I'll keep on trying.

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