where do you guys buy your pumper carbs?

Here's your chance to tell me how good/bad the service and prices were where you bought yours. I haven't decided which brand yet either (edelbrock, Keihin fcr, Mikuni)

I have the Edelbrock QwikSilver and I love it on my XR600. It is very easy to adjust and will get rid of the off idle hesitation. The customer service at Edelbrock is VERY good, the best I have ever come across. You can get the QwikSilver at,

Barnums Pro Products


Golden West Cycle.


MaXRSmart :)

Yea I got a XR600 also and I was wondering the same thing. Which is the best and why. The edelbrock design makes a lot of sense. Do they all give equal power when set properly?

There are several compaines that make pumper carbs it just depends on what you are looking for. The QS (edlebrock) is the easiest because there are no jetting issue to worry about. You only neeed to be concerned with the needle size and the pumper adjustment(maybe float but not normally) Just a thought!


Originally posted by Brian Heath:

...Which is the best and why. The edelbrock design makes a lot of sense...

I think this it boils down to personal choice. The Mikuni and Keihin carbs are proven designs and the Edelbrock is the newer kid on the block. Most of the Mikuni pumpers owners I've talked to seem to be very satisfied as well as many of the Keihin FCR owners. I looked at the Mikuni, Keihin FCR and the Edelbrock pumpers and went with the Edelbrock for some of the following reasons:

1) Simple tuning.

2) Innovative design and features.

3) Clean Venturi.

4) Dual-Venting System maintains same air/fuel ratio from 0-10,000 feet.

5) Internal fuel cell that works.

6) Back-cut needles that don't move around.

7) Good feedback from other Edelbrock pumper owners.

8) Easier starting when hot/cold or when dumped.

9) Accelerator pump only squirts fuel when the throttle is quickly twisted, otherwise it returns the extra fuel to the bowl unlike other carbs.

Tuning this carb is simple and there's only a few adjustments which are as follows:

1) The Accelerator Pump is externally adjustable, but most people I've talked with so far haven't found a need to adjust it.

2) From idle to 1/3 throttle, you simply turn a knurled knob on the top of the carb in 1/4 turn clicks to tune your carb for this throttle range. This moves the needle up or down in fine increments. Turning to the Right = Richer, while to the Left = Leaner.

3) From 1/3 to full throttle adjustments, you change the needle. The carb kit comes with two extra needles (one richer and one leaner), but there are other needles available just incase your application falls outside these parameters. The kit also comes with new throttle tube, cables, etc.

Here’s some links at Edelbrock to check out for more information:




You can also read more about this carb from:


I bought my carb from Barnums Pro Products and I've talked to many others XR owners who've also bought from them and were very satisfied with their experience. If you want to get a quote from them, send them an email at sales@barnumspro.com and put "Susan's Edelbrock Deal" in the title. "Susan" is their code word for their promo price.

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anyone no what price difference there is between the 3 brands?

Talked to an Edelbrock tech. today. Even if I don't go with an Edelbrock carb. I would recomend them to any one who asked. Very knowledgable (sp?)

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