Any TT'rs in the phoenix AZ area???

i live in the west valley of phoenix AZ. i am looking for some new spots to go riding. i like trails mostly, not really into MX tracks. anybody got any hot spots they would be willing to share with a fellow YZF rider?? thanks

4stroke4life baby!! aint no turning back...ever...for sure :cry: :cry: :cry:

hey man, i will be moving to Phoenix in January to go to school at MMI!!!! Which I believe is in North Phoenix. A couple of my buddies already live there in North Phoenix and i don't think they are doing much riding otherwise you guys could hook up and ride? How old are you? my friends are both 18 and I will also be 18 when I move their in January and my brother will be 20 :cry:

I ride up at 99th ave and Carefree Highway just about every weekend. Wouldn't mind finding some new spots myself.

Sycamore is fun, but that's way east.

JackAttack has shown me around Pima & Dynamite...what a blast.

I recommend checking out the CInders but thats a couple o hrs north, but well worth it!

i am 23, i ride a 99' YZ400F. so you are going to MMI huh? that s pretty cool. i always wanted to go there, i grew up about 2 miles from there phoenix shop. i wanted to go for the wrong reason though, i just wanted to learn to work on my bike. i don't know about doing ot for a living?? it would be kinda like being a gynicologist. after looking at pink tacos all day, it would kinda take the fun out of it. you know. but thats just me. i know of a few good places to ride. one of my favorites is at Bell Road and Crozier. it is at the turn for SWAT City. the paintball place. it is close, and has a lot of trails. i wish we had something like ocitillo wells around here. :cry:

I live in the west valley, Let's see there is tons of riding places still open. Sycamore Creek, Verde River, White Tanks (only in certain spots) Ironwood and the US 60 dunno there is tons of places to ride here so get back in touch with me and ill tell ya a few!


Hey guys sorry for bringing up an old post but I'm new to TT and I live in NW phoenix. I just got a 98 YZ 400, and I'm looking for some people to ride with. I'm still getting used to the bike but my skil level is probably a little more than amature. shoot me an email or something

thanks, Dan :thumbsup:

I'm still laughing about the Pink Tacos comment.

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