Looking for Phone -a -Friend during Cam Mod!

Hey guys,

I have decidede to do the Decomp Cam Mod on my '01 426. I live in Amarillo, Texas and would like to have someone I could call (if need be) during this. I will get started on Saturday Oct 2nd. Hopefully all of you will be out riding and unavailable :cry:. But if there are any who may be around, I would be forever grateful to have a contact #.



You can call me, just subtract a few hours for the distance! PM me before the install and I'll "stand by"!

I am willing to help ya out, but will be trying to buy a new truck on saturday. Don't know how long I will be around the house. If you have a digital camera and post pics works great, so we can see exactly what you are doing.



I have always wanted to ride Hawaii. You lucky dog you! :cry:

I appreciate your offer to help out if needed. I have no idea what a call to Hawaii costs from Amarillo, Texas because I have never called anyone there.

I have found some fellow TT'rs a little closer to home when the time comes. One cool thing about this whole internet stuff, is that we are all just a few clicks away from each other. :cry:

Thanks again and stay in touch!


Dan, That new truck is sooooo much more important than my Mod.

It's people like you, Tim, Fastest1 and yamaha.dude that have given me the courage to proceed with this mod.

I will someday return the favor :cry:!


I'm the guy that started all this cam mod stuff. If I can be of any help to you just fire away.

I'll be stuck at home waiting on the hurricane and bored anyhow. :cry:


I new there would be some willing souls in Thumper Town anxiously waiting to pounce on the opportunity to help out :cry:.

I take it you live in Florida. Man, you guys have benn seriously dumped on for the last several weeks. I can't remember that many hurricanes hitting a single state in such a short time frame ever!

I will be in Orlando 26th-28th for an Allen-Bradley Automation Fair. That is if the convention center is still standing :cry: :cry:.

Thanks for the offer and I'm sure that between everyone who has offered so far, we can knock this out with no problem. :cry:

Thanks again,


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