Anyone running Kenda tires on your wr?Trackmaster 2,or Carlbad

Time for a new rear tire and was wondering how these hold up and perform.I am coming off of a Maxxis-IT.I was happy with the Maxxis for the first 6-7 rides or so and then they started chunking and throwing knobs everywhere.Just wondering what has worked for you guys.I ride probably 80% hard terrain 20%soft.

Thanks in advance. :cry:

I am using the carlsbad on my crf450 and I ride on hard grounds most of the time. Works well for me. :cry:

I have a set of Trackmaster II on the bike right now. Did some track with it last week end. The ground was quite hardly packed and it worked very fine I'd say... No surprise, gound hook up. Get one and try em... BTW, they are DOT and they are cheap.

Used one on the back of my xr400 for awhile and it worked good. I love the Maxxis IT for the rear on my 650.

I would avoid the trackmaster for any rocky terrain, the sidewalls are very soft. I would stick with the maxxis. :cry:

I have a days ride on the Carlsbad. Before I was running the Kenda Millville and loved it. The Millville did chunck pretty bad but it is my fault for running a soft terrain tire on Hard terrain with tons of sharp rocks. We'll see how the Carlsbad holds up. Get then locally for 55 bucks so the price is right. :cry:

I have used Trackmasters. They are a good tire for their purpose. They are what they called a good track tires. They are a little pricey. I think you are better off with the Maxxis IT. :cry:

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