why is 650 better?


why do you guys say the 650 is better? plz explain. thanks

Power - Low end torque, pulls like a tractor

Mid range, is right there

Top end, to much of it.

Seamless powerband once you get rid of

the stock carb.

Suspension - Smooth, not perfect. With a little

tweaking one of the best around.

Versatile - This bike performs well anywhere,

except the tightest woods trails. You

will notice the weight there.

Reliability - HONDA

My .02 cents worth.

i agree with all of the above but i have no problems riding the "goat trails" on the east cost. then again i used to ride a 650L on these trails!

If you mean why is the 650 better than the 600, there is just no contest. More power, better suspension, handling, much improved carburetion.....its just a better bike.

If anyone disagrees, I have a 1993 XR600R that I would happily trade for an XR650R :)

thanks for the replies. i have a 93 xr600r now and i was thinking of having the suspension redo. then i was thinking it may be better to put that money into a newer bike. it sounds like a 650 is the way to go.

thanks for the info.

i am posting another message to if there are some better yrs for the 650. please reply there,

thanks again

Tuts, I would recommend the 2002 XR650R if you are going to buy one. The 02 had the counter shaft seal beefed up, and the bushing on the clutch basket was also improved. The models before then had failures of both.

I have a 99 XR600 and a 02 XR650R (heavily modified). There is no comparison, period. The XR650 just rips for open terrain. It is scary fast. In the tight, "woods", single track, it is heavy and you feel it. But that bike was designed for desert and fire roads. There is nothing like it for that, it is the KING.

I keep the 600 for Dual Sport, as there are few motorcycles as reliable as the 600. I feel safe riding anywhere. It also does not have radiators to tear off, when you fall over, like the XR650R can. That may mean getting home or not when you are 50 miles from the nearest road.

The XR600 has better stock suspension. The 650 at "slow" speeds is harsh. Honda should be ashamed though, of making a bike that weighs 286 lbs (actual weight) that DOESN'T have an electric start. The 650 also needs lots of mods to get its true potential out of it. Stock the thing is a dog. (About 2 hp more than a stock 600). Rejet it, replace that stock pipe and header and that dog has a loud bark and teeth!

Any specific questions just email (PM) me....


In resonse to buying a a 2002 over a 2001 or a 2000, if you can find a good used one and have a clue as to how to do any work on the bike, going with an older bike would not be the ned of the world (assuming you want the cost savings). The two parts listed above are inexpensive and can be changed out quickly. Asside from these two part, the bikes are identical, except for "bold new graphics". And if you want the graphics, buy a new sticker kit for about 30 bucks, and a seat cover for about 60 bucks. Just a thought.

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