Does anyone know the oil capacity for a 1996 XR600

My friend has called 3 different shops and he got

3 different answers. He just bought the bike and

it didn't come with a manual and he will be changing the oil filter at the same time.

with new filter = 2 quarts

If you kick the bike over slowly to remove all of the oil and change the filter, I have found it to be 2.4 quarts. Add 2 quarts, warm the bike up, then add .3 to .4 quarts.

These were the same variations we were getting

from shops like XR's Only and Baja Designs. Is

there a specific capacity that is mentioned in the

owner's manual? Does anyone know of a site that

would contain this information? Thanks in advance.

My Clymer manual states 2.1 for drain, 2.6 for rebuild. I put two 1.05 qt. bottles of Castrol in and was barely above the add line, which is why I say 2.3-2.4. Hope this helps, just try 2.1 then add a little bit at a time. Ryan

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