broken conrod WR450F

I put a post on this forum about 3 months ago when my 03 WR broke its conrod i now have pictures posted on my web page at the site is rough and un finished as I have only just started building it but the link to blown motor should get u there

Wow! :cry: It blew right thru the case! Must have gone at high rpm. Bad luck. :cry: How much money are you in for all the replacement parts? :cry:

It only cost me the labour for dealer to rebuild it.Yamaha supplied all parts.

Great dealer service! :cry: I wish US dealers were as good. I end up buying all my parts online since the local dealers dont deserve my support! :cry:

Bad luck dude :cry:,

I bet that would of been scarey at 100kph,

Nice site too, should be good when your done :cry:

Yeah wasnt a nice feeling lucky i was on soft ground just slid for a while till i pulled clutch. wasnt all bad while motor was out of action gave me a chance to get frame painted black and polish swingarm and anything eles i could make shiny Looks sweet now

sounds nice, you will have to post some pics :cry:

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