Engine clatter on 650R

Any of you people experience a clattering sound from you motor at lower engine speeds,mine since new has always had one that is now begining to bother me,valve adjustment is spot on and no debris in the oil..any comments????Thanks

mine has a little of a clater off the bottom but the shop said its normal? what bothers me is the clank sound i some times get from the kickstarter when kicking using the automatic compresion relese. it has done that from day one but seems not to happen since i started the manual drill. what is that? :)

I have the same clatter. I hate it. I have taken it in to the dealer twice, checked everything, and no change. It is very disconcerting to me, but apparently it is normal for this bike.

I would really like to hear others experience and if anyone has isolated the source and found a method to correct it. Any pros out there? If a dealer told you it is normal then it probably can't be corrected. I hope that this is not an incurable noise.

Regarding the kickstarter clank. That is anew one to me. Mine does not do that at all. It does not sound like a normal occurance in my experience.


I hear this clanking too. I'd assumed it was the kickstart compression release. On the hondaxr.com forum, there are numerous posts about removing this mechanism.

BTW, is the kickstart compression release supposed to allow you to just kick away to start the BRP? If so, then mine don't work! I do the "just past TDC" ritual with the manual release and couldn't be more pleased with the results.

In regards to the clattering, do you by chance have an aftermarket skid plate installed instead of the plastic thing? If so, maybe the sounds you're hearing are the engine noises coming back up at you from the skid plate. It's just an idea anyway and if that turns out to be what you're hearing, you can add some insulation to the skid plate to minimize those noises. It's amazing how much engine noise you hear after you put on a real skid plate. I hope what you all are hearing is nothing serious.

Yes, I mounted the Baja Designs skid plate. I had heard all the stories about reflected engine noise. I already was concerned about the "chatter" and did not want to confuse or compound the issue, so....., before mounting the skid plate, I took it to the local Rhino-Lining dealer (sprayed in bed liner for pick-up trucks) and had him shoot it. It worked really great. Very thin, so no impeding air circulation around the engine. The stuff is indestructible. doesn't react to solvents or rocks! I actually think it helped attenuate the normal engine noise somewhat by soaking up the sound, no reflected noise. Perhaps that is why I am so sensitive to the clatter, I hear it more. Anyway, I am sure the clatter is something peculiar to the 650. I've had plenty of thumpers and never had anything like this before.


No it still has the stock skidplate,and after 23 years of fixing cars for a living I've developed a pretty keen ear for sounds and the one I hear is in the motor.I did have a problem with the decomp release mechanism hanging up,I would have to reach under the tank and give it a push with my finger to release it but it mysteriously cured itself.And regarding kickstarting,sometimes it feels like a can of rocks.These may all be things I have to live with and that o.k. though it would be nice to see others with similar complaints.(misery loves company) Thanks for the response people.....

That loud clank from the motor is really normal and is also atributed the the dry sump oilling system. If you want to rally make it go away put a pipe on it, I love my white bros. and is the best all around power gains too. You should also hear what the 650 sounds like when you have it screaming near rev limiter in 3 or 4 gear , ha ha ha

Yup...the automatic release is supposed to let you just start kicking away. However, I use the "find top dead center and kick" method on my bike too. If I just start kicking, it usually takes anywhere from 1-3 kicks to get it lit, if the bike is warmed up.

sounds like the "normal" piston slap four strokes have these days.mostly attributed to the short piston skirts.ever heard a crf 450 idleing?sound like its comin apart some times,but gos away as soon as you put a load on the motor.i just a wiseco in my DRZ,and its louder than it was,mainly becuase wiseco forgeing there pistons.forgeing is stonger but the added "taper" they put in the piston becuase of expansion isssues cuase the added slapping noise. :)

I don't think the clatter noise originally noted in this post is piston slap. While the short, low friction piston skirts used in the current crop of four strokes will allow the piston to rock more in the bore during warm up, the noise doesn't seem to be related to engine temp or load. Also, there is usually evidence of this rocking on the piston upon disassembly.

The more likely source is the balance shaft drive gears rattling. Consider almost straight cut drive gears spinning an unevenly weighted shaft at twice crankshaft speed. I've seen this before on cars and the noise from the BRP is similar.

i too havd a XR 650 R1 that is noisy a costomer has mentioned to me that it sounds ratly. is sounds as though it is from the oil pump area but i havn't had a look at it yet


Does the sound go away when you pull in the clutch ?

A little clutch basket wear will cause a rattle when the bike is idleing.

my .02


I don't have a BRP yet, just plans to get one but it sounds like Malcom is on to something. The straight cut gears to the balance shaft could be loading and unloading at idle making a clatter. The straight cut primary drive gears in my Kawasakis used to do this. They sounded like a thrashing machine at an idle.


Looks like opinion's are plentiful,One thing is for certain though and that is I'm not the only one..I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens down the road.Thank's for input everybody it was VERY helpful....Oh and to answear NMSTEVE about the clutch,it only makes the noise under load at part (1/4 throttle) so pulling in the clutch would likely stop the noise due to unloading the engine...Plus it does sound higher up in the engine...In any event the clutch is coming out due to slippage (My next topic) and I'll take a good look at the basket when I'm in there.....

Has anyone found out the cause of the clattering noise. My 650 is doing the same thing under 1/4 throttle and especially if its a real rough section where the rear hops up and down alot. Has anyone found a curre for this problem yet?




Have you put the BRP up on a stand and run this test (1/4 throttle and then 1/2 throttle) in various gears (2-4).

If you don't hear the noise, try adding a little rear brake (keeping the gas constant)and see what the effect is.

Thank god for this topic...I'm not the only owner hearing this noise. My 02' make engine noise, as does my friends 01', he told me to relax, and don't worry. Rode his, and the noise at idle is there, but not quite so prononced. Noise might get a little quiter after break in.

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