maxxis is a diguised cheng shin!

i've been running maxxis for a while and never noticed but under the tag it says cheng shin tire co! now i've got no problem with that and still think they are a great tire for the money,and come to think of it cheng shin has been selling tires since i was old enough to notice(many moons ago)i was just surprised that they hide thier name on it. :cry:

Got Pics?

OK, apparently Maxxis is a subsidary co. of Cheng Shin, I did'nt know this either, however i brought it up on another forum, & everybody was like, "Duh..." Apparently this is common knowledge, allthough I had no idea... :cry:

Ahh well, you learn something "new" everyday.

No thanks I will stick with Michelin! :cry: You get what you pay for! :cry:

i can tell you one thing they are some rugged tires,i have abused the $hit out of them. they're kinda like the timex "takes a lickin and keeps on tickin" :cry:

Considering Cheng Shins rep, I don't blame them..... :cry: I wouldn't buy it if it had that on the sidewall. Never had one that would hook up!

they don't put it anywhere on the tire just on the little wrapper,they even hide it where the fold over is with the stickey stuff(you have to actually peel it apart to see it!) pretty slick. they are a good tire even with this news maybe cheng shin developed such a good tire they were afraid to put their name on it! :cry:

I don't care who makes Maxxis IT. It is a great all around tire. :cry:

No thanks I will stick with Michelin! :cry: You get what you pay for! :cry:

Damn right! :cry: :cry:

Dan, have you tried one? I hammer rear tires and the Maxxis IT is one of the best I've ever put on a bike, period.

So what? Best off-road tire I've used. Period.

No John, I have not tried them yet. But I know enough riders that are all fast like you that swear they are great tires. I believe them. I just think it is funny that they are made by Cheng Shin. :cry: I used to laugh at those tires in the old days. :cry: For my conditions out east the S12's rule! :cry:

:cry: :cry: I agree Cheng Chit where the tires I bought when I was young and poor. :cry: I'd never buy one now as they lasted 1 ride on the bigger bikes I've had. However, the Maxxis IT is super tough to kill and puts the Dunlop to shame. I have not tried a front yet but I'm going to soon.

Indy, We'll see how well the s-12 holds up against the Maxxis in Baja, I'll bet you a beer you'll be wanting one of those cheap Maxxis tires before it's all over :cry: :cry: We looking forward to having a great time riding with you guys down there this coming Spring! :cry: :cry:

Hey Big Jim, I change my tires for where I am riding. I am on Michelin X11's right now for Moab! I am planning on running Michelin Baja's or equivelant ( I am so loyal to Michelin). I change rear tires every 2 months and fronts 2 or 3 times a year. So come the last 2 weeks of March 2005 I will have new Baja tires ready to go! :cry: :cry:

Hey I ordered the GPS software, trails and trail book for $270. :cry: from They will have the Volume 2 guide out by Christmas and I will get it then. Thanks for your advice. I may be on maxis IT's (Or should I say Cheng-Shin's) for the 2 weeks of Baja! :cry:

I'm sure if you check out other tires they are made in the same factory for each specific brand. One that comes to mind is MX boots that are made by Alpinstar and sold as MSR, Oneill, etc..

For people who put on a lot of trail miles. The Maxxis IT is around $45-$50 online. $60 at the dealer.

For people who ride twice a month, Dunlop, Michelin etc.. $65-$70 online. $90-$95 at the dealer.

When you buy a front and rear that's about $30 difference. Maxxis lasts about 25% more and when worn they still work decent enough where the pricey tires chunk off or just plain suck. I am happy to just have knobs on the tires so if you can afford the best tires go for it. I take the savings and put more gas in my tank.

I think you hit the nail on the head that time, they are much more economical, and they work good. I think that what you said about them still working when they are worn down is the thing we noticed the most, when they are half gone they are still pretty darned good.. I don't mind spending more money, but I hate to spend more on something that does't work better than the cheaper model.. Maybe that's why I ride the WR??? :cry: :cry:

Maxxis tires are completely different than Cheng Shin. Did you know that Goodyear tires own Armstrong tires? The only difference is Maxxis is the high end product of Cheng Shin where Armstrong is the low end product of Goodyear. The tire speaks for itself. I believe Maxxis are made in Georgia not in the Far East somewhere.

ahnotso,tyah made in ah tiawan,hahaha! :cry: :cry:

OK. After reading a bunch of tire threads I'm sold on Maxxis.

Who has the best price on them?

Do you guys run HD tubes?

Any sugestions for type and size for a 02 Wr426?

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