White Bros R-Series S-Bend

How does this pipe compare with the stock exhaust with the HRC tip? I can get one for $159.95.

I used the R4 S- Bend muffler with the XR's only header and loved it. With the XR's header it moved the power up the rpm range a little making the power more even throughout. With the stock header you won't move as much power up the rpm range. The stock header can't be beat down real low but, the power doesn't come on as hard in the mid-range as it does with the XR's only header. I now have the Moriwaki full exhaust which moved the power even farther up the rpm range. My bike feels like a stock bike down low (with the bigger piston) and stays that way till about 4500rpm where it really comes on. I paid what your paying, that's a good deal.

It's lighter weight, significantly louder, but better looking. As I recall from a XR650R pipe shootout published a few years back, the WB R4 made the same power as the stock system without the insert up until 6,500 RPM. There was about a 3/4 HP gain specifically made from 6,500 RPM on up, which is where the power begins to fall off on the curve with most exhaust systems. A larger collector, header & exhaust outlet will slow down the flow of exhaust gas and allow more peak power to be made at higher RPM, but usually at the expense of low or mid range power.

As for loud, with the spark arrester screen (I ran mine with it) it isn't as loud as a stock muffler (no packing, just 2 wall baffles)without the tip, and it's about the same as the HRC. It is a packed muffler and smaller then the W2. It is deffenetly not as lowed as a W2 open or with 12 disks and no back plate. My Moriwaki seems to be a tad quiter then the R4 and I am not running the spark arrester in it but, it is big and has a lot of packing and way heavier.

Can you remove the spark arrestor screen without much trouble?

Three allen bolts and it's out, or back in....real easy :cry: It was to loud with it out, for me and I could feel less low end. Or maybe it was my brain thumping from the extra noise

Thanks for the help. I'm going to order it today.

Does it bolt up pretty easy? I know some of the other slip ons don't match up too well.

The biggest problem is that the XR650R comes with the sub-frame pre-bent. If you look at a XR650R from the back the fender is off center about 1"~3". It takes some doing to get the sub frame straight but, (I have done quite a few) the point I'm tring to make is that some mufflers rub because of this, or don't line up with the mounting hole. The R4 was no problem.


BTW - Nice hill climb video! :cry:

Sorry- I don't mean to hijack the post, but can you (anyone...) please give some good details on how to get the subframe straight? I looked up some other posts, but I didn't have any luck following them. Thanks

I take it off the bike and peen the bends on the top left (air filter side) to staighten them some. when you been the fist bend it toes in the frame and then the next one back brings it back in line with the bolt that goes through the frame. You have to get that hole real close or it is a bear to get the bolt to thread. This makes the left side a little longer pushing the sub-frame right. I also bend the down arms down some and then fight them back to put the bolts in....this puts some up pressure on the sub frame making it a little stiffer. When I first got the bike and I would land a big jump wrong or flat bottom and slam the seat the sub-frame would bend more...now it doesn't. After I get it all together I have a 5' bar I use with the help of the family holding the bike I give it it's last tweeking. I also use a floor jack to spred the down arms apart some to keep the bigger tires from rubbing the air box and muffler. Last on my bike I also, (with just the sub-frame on) used the floor jack to bend the sub frame up some raising the back up so, the paddles don't hit when coming off a dune. It made the fender 3/4" higher.

As you can see here I went just a tad to much to the right;


Here you can see how much to back of the seet and fender are raised.


no...no Thank you :cry: I am hitting the bottom in 4th and you can see me get a little squierly there and I down shift into 3rd just before my son turned to catch my friend Matt give it a try on his XR400. Next time up I hit a rock and went flying off the bike but, next time I'll get my son to get the whole climb :cry:

the hill climb video is off the hook... you musta had a paddle on there!!!! do you make it over the top? should of made the clip a little longer

:cry: :cry:

No paddle IRC MB5! Yes, I make it, most of the time 95%, 100% if I don't crash. It gets rocky at the top. You can take it hard third and lug it at the top without down shifting! Well most of the time....BRP has the low end! I like showing off and Try to get it in forth before I hit the hill and down shift mid hill to third. A CR250 really has a hard time and dosn't make it most of the time, I don't think I have seen a 250 make it straight up like the XR650R does but, they take it at an angle but, with the right tire a XR400 goes up in second....go figure???? If you look close right as the video stops I am down shifting into third and the roost is just starting. This is about mid hill. I am suprised you guys didn't ask if my friend Kenny landed the one where he has the tire straight up. That was his first day really riding a XR650R in the dirt, or any dirt bike and he thought if we were going off the bigger jump he could go off the smaller one without testing it. Well he made it! Stopped him from jumping though, said, there is something wrong with old guys jumping heavy bikes. He's been riding a Harley to long and doen't know what fun is :cry:

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