XR600 or XR400?

I'm trying to figure out which bike would be better for me. I'm selling my ATV and will be getting either an XR400 or XR600. I have 12 years experience riding cycles and will mostly be riding woods type trails. 6'3" and about 190 pounds. Right now my choice is between a 99 XR400 all stock or a 95 XR600 stock other than a Supertrapp exhaust, speedometer and street licensed. Both are in excellent condition and the 600 is about $400 cheaper than the 400. Anyone have any suggestions???

I have owned several xr500's and 600's and love them. I have never owned an xr400 but for what you have described I would spend the extra money on the more current 400. we are about the same size, and I have ridden the 400 in the woods and it is way better there than any of my 600's were and it is as fast as my 500's. For desert etc tho I will still take my 600's.

If you are planning to do any dual-sport riding, get the 600 because the seat is like a couch. I never get monkey butt riding my 600 on really long rides. The 600 has great power but is a little heavy for the tight stuff. If you like tight woods riding and want a light more nimble bike, go for the 400.

MaXRSmart :)

Do you prefer power or handling? The 600 has good power, but is a bit of a handful in really tight going (although it works a lot better than you would expect for a 280+ LB machine). With your size this will be less of an issue. The 400 has enough power to do the job and handles the tight stuff really well. I am the same size as you and I prefer the 600 because of the power, butI think most people like the 400 better.

Both are great bikes.

I'm going to look at the 600 tonight and the 400 tomorrow and make my decision after that. The way it sounds though, I think I am better off going with the 400. I already have a street bike so there won't be much on-road riding if any. I'll let you know what I find out. Thanks for all the help.

I looked at the 95 XR600 Friday night and was a little let down. It was supposed to be in excellent shape, but there was a lot of paint missing from the frame. The headlight only worked interemittantly and there was a big ding in the front rim. Other than that, it ran strong (other than in need of a valve job) and was already registered for street use.

Saturday I went to look at the 99 XR400 and was thoroughly impressed. Hardly any paint was worn off the frame where boots normally wear it off. Also, there wasn't really any paint worn off fromt he bottom of the frame underneath the bike! This thing was not ridden much at all. It had a new rear tire, red fenders and the previous owner had installed the Baja Designs (so I'm told) kit to be able to make it street legal. It hasn't been registered yet, so there will be some work in that if I decide to do it. There wasn't a speedometer and the tires were not DOT approved. All in all, this bike was definitely the best deal, so I ended up putting some money down on it and will be picking it up in a couple weeks.

Thanks for all the suggestions and I look forward to learning more from everyone on this board.


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