New XR650

To answer the question about fuel spilling, you can get a vent tube with a one way valve so the fuel does not spill out, but the tank will vent.

My father has the SRC rack on his 600 and loves it because it was the only rack that he did not have to remove his fender bag. It has held up very well and can hold a lot of weight, (gas cans, sleeping bag, tent, etc).

Enjoy you new bike.

MaXRSmart :)


I show you how to drill out the stock tip here:

Then select the link "making the xr650r run right"

Check it out.

I just bougth a 2001 XR650R and have a number of questions.

1. The current gas mileage is horible. The latest mileage is arond 20 mpg. This has so far made for rather short rides. Is this primarly due to break in? What kind of gas mileage have others seen?

2. Any comments on the Summers Racing Components rear rack? I need to get one and this is the only one I have found with room for a tool bag mounted on the fender.

3. Trail Tech Panoram computer. How reliable are these? My biggest concern is that these are mounter right next to the gas cap tube. Trail Tech warns that gas will destroy these. What happens when the bike tips overand spills gas?

4. Gas tank - How much wider is the IMS 4.6 gallon tank than the stock tank?

5. As far as the rear baffle goes, if I am going to throw out the stock baffle, what harm is there in trying to drill a hole. How well does drilling the hole work? What are the chances of damaging the spark arrestor?

Any other comments are welcome. I tend to go for very long rides so if you have any reliability issues, I am all ears.


I'm in Colorado also. If your ever looking for a riding partner let me know.

will do mntnmissle. With the exception of a MOAB trip at the end of march, not doing to much riding till the mountains clear up (unless you know of a decent place to ride in the winter).

Out of curiosity, what kind of price tags were you looking at on your quicksilver?

I've been riding at Pueblo and Berthoud. I like Pueblo alot there are miles and miles of trails dow there. Fire roads, hill climbs, desert you name it very cool place to ride. I'll be heading down there this weekend.

Quicksilver carb, I bought it from a guy used. He nly ran it a couple of times and sold his BRP for a KTM. You won't believe what I paid, to low to post here.

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