Downspout with an HRC tip

I'm trying to quiet my pig a few decibels with a downspout. Only ones I've found are the regular steel from an autoparts store which are too big and ugly. I'd like to find a chrome or stainless tip. Any ideas?


Baja designs sells a down turned quiet insert for the HRC tip that quiets the bike down. Kind of pricy though. I would like to find a nice stainless or chrome piece that just fits the end of the HRC that would provide a 45 degree downturn. No luck as of yet however. We'll see if the great minds of TT have anything to offer :cry:

If you want to keep your bike super quiet (< 94dba), then check out the Baja Designs quiet baffle. It simply slips inside the HRC tip and is secured with one set screw, but you've got to have the HRC tip for this to work. You'll loose a little power, but will still have plenty more than with the stock corked tip and its quick / easy to remove when you want more power.

I made one of these tips a ways back and it works well. I also went the Autozone route and it works well too and doesn't look that bad. I'll post a picture if I can at a later date.

Yeah, I'd like to see that pic. I've heard of quieter inserts but I'd like to keep the HRC that I have and use a cheap(er) downspout that looks ok. So as Roll said, great minds of TT, whatya got? :cry:

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