Spark Arrestor

I'm looking into buying a used exhaust with a spark arrestor already on it. I've got a 2001 Yamaha YZ 426. The bike its off of is a 1999 Yamaha YZ 400F. I was hoping somebody out there would know if this would work on my bike. I'm looking for a spark arrestor and I don't want to haft to spend $400 dollars for something I gonna use on just one trip then take it off when I get back.

Well, you can buy a F.M.F. power core 4 with a spark arrestor in it for about 240$, or you can buy an insert which is about 130$,but you have to take off the end cap on the stock pipe by drilling out the rivets, I think Scotts racing makes them(not the gogle company) GOOD LUCK :cry:

I have a yz450f and my buddy has a yz426f. We bought end caps from and you can remove the screen if your going to run tracks. My buddy had a fmf forest approved muffler and he said it cut the power down a little. The dr.d end cap was $99 bucks.

Also check out Pro Moto Billet. I have that and am happy with the results.

I got the PMB ( Service from them was great. They even threw in an extra pack of screws for it :cry:

I just installed the PMB endcap yesterday evening. Overall I'm pretty happy with it.

Installation would have been made easier if they had drilled the holes for me, and manufactured it so I didn't have to cut the end of the pipe off, but it was still simple and took about 30 minutes.

Shipping was a little sluggish... Took about 2 weeks.

I'd post pics, but the hurricane made sure I couldn't for awhile.

I also got the quiet insert with it too. It's still loud, but it took a little roar out of it. Looks cool too.

I'd recommend it.

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