Kennedy Meadows this weekend.....

This weekend I will be heading up to Kennedy Meadows to ride over the weekend, if anyone is planning on going up let me know and we'll go on a great loop, should be nice up there.


Dan, I am thinking about going up to Kennedy this weekend how about some directions to where you will be camped...


Hey Guys wish I could go but I'm on the DL :) Oh yeh no riding til house is painted says wife :D Just a quik question Where is Kennedy Meadows? I know of one off of Strawberry Pass

outside of Sonora. Thanks for a reponse.

Ride Safe

East side of the sierras down by Lake Isabella (Bakersfield). Find the junction Hwy 14 & Hwy 395 - a few miles north is Nine Mile Cyn heading west up into the mountains. Follow 9 mile cyn to Kennedy Meadows. I'm figuring a 8-9 hour drive from Santa Rosa towing the trailer. Not a short weekend trip for me. Maybe Labor Day?

Have fun,


Howard, I'll be getting up there early,early Saturday morning cause I play in a band and we have a gig on Friday night. We will be at Fish Creek campground in a full-size white Ford van with a swamp cooler on top with a red trailer, oh yea also the campground will be littered with many WR's!! Brian, I wish the drive wasnt so long for you we'de have a great time, you should think about relocating to TO!!!!! the drive is about half as long. :)


Hey Dan,

Why don't you stop by the house on your way through and I'll follow you up in my truck.



Marc, You rock. We'll be driving through Mojave(Mo-jave) around 5:30AM. Do you want to meed at Denny's?

Let me know...

You're in luck, Kennedy Meadows doesnt have any railroad tracks.. DOH!!!!

Oh that really hurts Dude!

I'll meet you at Denny's at 0530 then bro.

Is there anything in particular that I should bring? I've never been to KM...



gas,food,beer,water,green sticker,s/a,camera,etc..... :)

gas,food,beer,water,green sticker,s/a,camera,etc..... :)

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