what size edelbrock on your xr?

what size edelbrock carb do you run on your xr 600? What size on your 650? If you have a built 600 motor (cam , piston, etc.) do you go up in size on the carb, or just change needle? Thanks

The Edelbrock carb kits for specific bikes are listed at this link.


Depending on how much the motor is built, you may or may not need another carb, but in most cases I've heard about so far, the stock Edelbrock carb is pretty flexible for many applications. The intended XR650R Edelbrock pumper carb works well for the XR650R with the HRC kit that includes the bigger cam, piston, etc, with only a needle change from the stock 17e to the included 19e. I've talked to several people who've done this and they were happy with the results. Actually, one was not happy at first because he changed his needle to the 15e (leaner needle) by mistake, got frustrated and couldn't see the forest from the trees afterward, but once he got the richer 19e needle installed he was very happy. I've also talked to XR400 owners who have used the intended carb after they installed their 440 kits and they too were happy. Same goes for the XR250 with the 280 kit.

If you have a special application that you're worried about, also give a call to Edelbrock and see what they have to say. Mike Price at Edelbrock can also help you for special applications and has some good knowledge offer.

Hopefully there will be some others here who can share their experiences.

edelbrock just lists part #, not size (40mm, 41mm?)

If your 600 is built up, ask for the 628 carb. I put the 600 carb on my bike (stock piston, ported with 628 cam) and could not quite get it dialed in. After culsulting Edelbrock, the recommended the 628 carb for my application. They told me the 600 carb is for stock 600's with maybe a pipe and snorkle removed. If you have any engine work or are planning it, go for the 628 carb Part #3114. The bike ripppppps now and I am very happy with the QwikSilver Carb.

MaXRSmart :)

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