XR600 tripleclamps

Has anyone out there used aftermarket triple-clamps on an XR600? I'm thinking of getting some for 94er. Any help MUCH appreciated.

I have the Applied triple and bottom clamp. I like them because I can change the risers to raise the bars up or forward or switch to taper bars. I chose Applied because it was a local (San Diego) company and they were very helpful. You also have your choice of different colors. Good Luck.

MaXRSmart :)

:) Thanks a lot for the reply MaXRsmart. I get a lot of flex from the ol XR's front end, most noticeable in ruts and choppy downhills, do the applied clamps help this much? And how much are they in American dollars? (I'll get a quote from someone local and see how much we get ripped off!)


:D Thanks a million for the reply MaXRsmart, great help. One of the only problems with the XR6 is with fork flex.

You may find this story interesting......

I actually have two XR600's, one RR (94') model & RJ (88') model. I recently did a top end rebuild on the RJ - aiming to find more power, but without losing it's reliability. So I ended up using a stock piston (which is lighter than the aftermarket ones anyway) and shaved 20 thou (.5mm) off the head looking to up the compression. Other than that I tidied up (but not altered) the inlet ports and fitted a staintune stainless exhaust (you may not have heard of these as they are aussie made). Anyway I ran the beast in and soon after went for quick squirt with a guy who'd just spent well over 10 grand (aussie dollars) on a new yammie WR426 with white bros exhaust. So of course he thought he was christmas until we had a few runs and the XR kept up and sometimes nuked it!! I'm stoked with the power increase given the resraint shown in the mods I did to the engine!!

So if you're rebuilding your engine take this on board. :)

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