98 650L

My dad just bought a 650L on the left side it has some sort of emissions pump or something with 3-4 hoses coming out. My cousins 93 650L has had the same thing taken off by the previous owner. Now for the questions: What is it? Should he take it off? What are reason sme take this off? Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.

It's an air pump. You can take it off, but you need to cover the holes in the head. Get the kit from Baja Designs for about $30. It's easy and it runs just a little better without the pump.


If you go with Baja Designs, order their jet kit at the same time. It's about $25, it'll make the 650L run much better. My buddy here just put on the block off kit, jet kit, opened up the exhaust and airbox. It'll lift the front wheel with no problems now.

Sorry I didn't include that. I did the same: bought the air pump kit, jetting changes and took the snorkel out of the airbox. I also bought an exhaust baffle from Thumper that reduces the exhaust restriction. It sounds like a lot of stuff, but you can do it in an afternoon and it makes the XRL a totally different machine.

Where are you located in Ok? I ride around the Draper Lake trails.

Thanks for the info guys I'll try this out of couse I don't want it to run too good because I don't want him to outrun me on my XR4. Thanks again!

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