426 Subframe Compatability

Hey guys,

Which Yamaha subframes will work on a 2001 YZ426?

I have searched the data base but have not found a whole lot to go off of :cry:.

Will a 2000 YZ250 subframe bolt right up with no mods?



no, the YZ250 subrame will not work. You will need a 2000 -2002 YZ426F subframe.

98-02 YZF bikes, includes the 400s, 426s and 250s in those years.

The 98-99 400 bikes have steel subframes, vs the 2000+ bikes get the aluminum units.

You can also go the 03+ YZF bikes, but you need the seat, plastics, tank, airbox, subframe and then make your own tank mounts.

true dat! Matt is correct ..the 98-99 will work.

Thanks guys,

I have been working my subframe over with a dead blow. :cry:

I have it fairly close but I want the darn thing strait! :cry:

Hey Satch, nice scoot! You look like Superman in a couple of your pics :cry:.

What bars are you running? I still have the factory bars on my '01 and want some better ones. Can't decide though :cry:.


I am running ProTaper "Windham" bend along with an Applied top clamp. This is a little taller setup than stock and ALOT stronger.

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