Hey Dutch,

how did You hook that GPS up to Your WR? I have a WR426 that I want to hook up my Garmin II+ to - and beeing a total novice when it comes to electronics, any help is appreciated.

What parts do I need? where to find power? etc, etc.

Can I do as Tman did on his XR650, and have a remote battery and charge it, to use for my GPS when I kill the engine?


Hey Fred!

In order to power a GPS from your 426 you need to have your stator rewound. Baja Designs is one place that can do that,(around $100.00 I think).

On my WR I put a 12 volt rechargable battery that could power the GPS for 24 hours. When I put the bike away for the night I'd hook it up to the charger. Worked great. On the 650R you don't need to rewind the stator to power the GPS - but mine is at Baja now because it bumps it up from 80 to 250 watts! Where I live,(Northern Michigan), I'll be using an electric vest to extend the riding season. How is your riding season over in Stockholm?

Hi Dutch,

riding conditions today is bad - it is snowing . Hmmm, trying to compare Michigan area to Sweden - well, in northern Sweden people are more into snowmobiles because winter lasts (with snow) about four to five months. Down south they dont know what a snowmobile is, but it gets really wet and quite cold. Off-road one can drive pretty much the whole year. Here in the Stockholm area (about 1/3 up the country) we ususally get around 6-7 months of off-road riding - and that is streching it. Cold in the beginning, sometimes nice and warm in the summer and cold and wet in the fall. But Gore-Tex helps out pretty good. Then there are the real enthusiasts that drives all year, with spiked tires during the winter - preferably on a frosen lake - and the messenger guys, doing their routes no matter what weather.

Ok, rewinding the stator is not for me, I will do something like You did - but am thinking of a stack of "normal" 4.5 volt batteries and just buy new ones when the old ones are "empty".

At least for starters - later I might do it axactly like You did.

Just bought the WR and I am trying to sell my XR600 -97 - will do more mx this year and then the WR is better for me. The rest of the riding will be on gravelroads and trailriding.

Thanks for the reply,

///Fredrik (it is snowing more and more :) )

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