Puking Carb

With the petcock on and the engine off, the carb pukes gas. With the engine running it does not puke gas. I've thoroughly cleaned the carb and see nothing preventing the needle valve from seating. The needle and seat look good. Any suggestions on what else to look for?

BTW, would this cause a rich condition - 'cause my plug is black and sooty. Thanks.

This would cause your bike to run rich becaus its puking gas into your engin when its runing Your float highth adjustment is probably set to high. Hold the carb sideways, w/ the float bole off, to were the inlet niedle just contacts it's seat. Then measher from the botom of the float, opposit side of the inlet valve, to the flat serface that the float bole seals agenst. Compare this mesherment to the speck in your service manual. Your mesherment will propbably be to short. If so just bend the tab that the neidel sits on down. Make sure there are no groves in the rubber on the neidel and the o ring behind the neidel valve seat is not cut.

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