Dying Blue Tanks Black....?

Is it possible to take your current tank, and then dye it black? It will be for all black plastic. If so how? Thanks guys, want to make a YZF black.

Plastic wont accept dyes. There are some paints that will work on plastics. Some here have had very good luck with them, I think they are made by Krylon and supposedly pretty durable and easy to apply.

Thats not true. I dyed mine with no problems at all. You cannot tell the difference. If you give it a deep scratch it will show, but other then that it shows nothing, Gas and oil do not hurt it.


No kidding? I have never seen a plastic absorb dye to change color, more like staining. I would expect a deep scratch to show in any color.

Your correct. I think even a minor scratch will show. My plan was to dye it, which I did. It sprays on like paint. Supposedly absorbs a little better into the pores. Then I put graphics over it. So only a few parts show. And I'm careful about spilling gas on it. Time will tell. I do drive it a lot, so it will get abused.

Black 450's are sweet :cry:

Here is mine:


cool looking bike! Where did you get those black graphics?

How did it hold up? I saw the website had a liter of that stuff for over $100. Did you pay that much or did you get a smaller can? Wouldn't I be better off just selling my blue plastics and buying new ones?

damn fine looking bikes, ditto on where did you get the graphics. now you need black anodized rimskys. i did mine when i crashed and couldnt ride. took them apart myself, took them in to get anodized, only cost $40

I recognize those...they're one of the GYT-R sets from Yamaha. Great stuff from a quality standpoint, too. They use the same films and 3M adhesives as One Industries uses. On top of that, they aren't particularly expensive.

How did those anodized rims come out? Did you prep them before you sent them to get anodized? How was the dis-assembly and re-assembly of the wheels? Easy? Did you get the Hubs amodized? How about the spokes, did you reuse the same ones or go with a new set? Thanks in advance. :cry:

There are specific dyes for specific materials. I dyed thousands of zippers one time. There was one dye for the nylon teeth and another for the tape. The best way to get the dye to penetrate is to boil it. I wouldn't go boiling a tank but you should be able to heat the water up pretty high without destroying it. A 450 tank should fit in a large pasta pot, heat it with a propane burner. Both should be available from a party rental place for a few bucks. You can either buy a commercial dye specific for the polyethelene(sp?) tank or use Rit dye. Rit is a combination of differnt dyes, that's why it doesn't work really well on anything. the more dye and time you use the deeper it will go. You should have no problem getting it to penetrate so anything short of a tank puncturing gouge will stay black.

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