Sacramento Delta Riding Areas?

Next week I will be camping near Sacramento on the Delta. Are there any good riding spots near there.

If I go camping and happen to be right next to dirt bike nirvana and don't have my bikes it will really bum me out.

Does anybody know? Or should I just leave the bikes home and enjoy the water?


How far do you want to drive? An hour or two puts you up at Georgetown, or you could ride the Rubicon. Nice places for a short drive.....


Thanks for responding. I am going to be camping at Brannan Island St Rec Area. Just west of Walnut Grove and east of Rio Vista. Also North of Franks Tract St. Rec Area.

If it takes about 1-2 hours then maybe I will leave the bikes home. That is about what it takes in LA for me to go riding.

But it would be hell if I found out that I was camping next to a great riding area and had no bike. Is there any riding in either of these adjacent rec areas?

Thanks again

If you are staying at Brandon Island it is further than 2 hours to any good riding. I don't know of any riding areas close to there. Bring your golf clubs, fishing poles, and water toys. Ground is flat, weather should be warm........could be the next best thing to riding!


That is exactly the info I was looking for. It looks like I should leave the bikes home and just enjoy what the area has to offer. No use running off 2 hours to go riding, when I can do that from Long Beach.


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