Discs? Quiet Core? FMF Q?

Which is better Guys? I can get an E series and cut down on the discs but they get pluged with mud when I crash and plug up air flow. Strait through guys like pro circuit T-4, White bros R-4, and Yoshi are actually the best but they are loud and will the quiet cores quiet them down enough? And then there is FMF's Quiet core that alters the flow around in the can before exiting. I want the most flow and for the pipe to be around 94 decibals. What do you guys think?

And definitely with a edelbrock pumper carb!

I have the supercrap style. Hate it, especially in mud. It is loud also.

This is the best page I have found for muffler info on the Xr6:


Personally the T4 looks to me as a winner. The yoshi 2nd only cause I already have an aftermarket head pipe.

Yo Bry;

This wouldn't be Brian from Brighton, would it??

Just checking, looking for a CO dude I've riden with up around Boulder.


Dodger :):D


just kiddin!

I guess the same kind that doubles every little jump that he sees. Roosts through snow like he is on a golf coarse. Abuses and works his bike like a grown man should!

When we going riding again or working on bikes or something? I guess we got in just at the right time before the snow. Hey E-mail me at...brianheathdean@hotmail.com so we are not bothering all of these guys. That is the best guys in the whole world...The ones that ride 4 strokes and rule...The ones that help everyone else out with all of those questions that we seek...The ones that understand that riding is probably the best thing that humans can possibly do, and if they disagree they are probably not riding in the right places...The ones that think 2 strokes are pretty fun, but hey were talking about raw power here, the kind of power that dosn't peter out climbing up the book cliffs in Grand Junction, the kind that digs a hole to the skid plate in third befor it stalls. I could go on but I don't really need to do I fellas?

Why would some PUSS ASSanign try to boost cycle performance with a pipe then turn around and shove a frying pan up his, very same, ASSanign?!!!just want to know! CAUSE!....mmmmm maybe we can put some bacon on that fry'n pan and ad to the potentail coranary!

To all of the poles out there...what bike would you take on a short trip to the tip of South America and back to Colorado? Able to ride any tRail that you may encounter. Break down in the worst conditions and be able to fix it right thEre under your tent fly with a flashlight and some wire while kneeling in 2 inches of mud and cobble. From sea level where the ocean beach sAnd is still wet and hard from that last wave, to the highlands in Chile measuring 16,000 feet. Trying to get a good line while racing enDuro's in Costa Rica on a golf coarse while the whole town cheers, to Guatemalan gorillas looking at you funny as you ride by knowing that they could just shoot you...throw you in a ditch somewhere...piss on you...and have a perfectally good dirt bike to ride around on.

A bike that you can get parts for nearly everywhere and if that is not poSsible then be able to make it to where you can. A bike that you know it's history (of over 13 years of production without any major major changes) so you can fix what wiLl go wrong before it does. A bike that has something more comfOrtable to sit on than a seat cover stretched over a couple of subframe tubes for the purpose of "LOOKS" rather than the function of wanting to ride hard again tomorrow. This is the same bike that if a gust of wind comes up; while you are eating a snack... drinking the last of your water...after relieving yourself on the side of the road...before the next town...20 miles aWay...in the desert; which blows your bike off it's kickstand over onto a rock: you simply pick it up and check the brake levers, and don't start crying about the bent up radiator and all of the fluid percolating into the sand below.

A solid bike that YOU can find reAlitively easy for an underestimated $3000. A bike that has tire SIZES, that if need be you could take from a feNce post sporting the words "keep out", and replace the ones that you are riding on with the little white threads sticking out. This is the only bike ever mass produceD that can truly carry the essence of the letters XR on its gas tank.

This bike is a "MACHINE" in every aspect of the worD. It does not know how long a piddlEy little human's day lasts. It only benifits from a clEan air filter and fresh oil, though I have personally experienced six years of neither... durring the ignorant years of riding that we all go through. It wants nothing of you yet you exPect everything from it. Once at one with it... riding from point "a" to point "b" becomes invoLuntary. A bike that you can satisfy your need to modify with little upgrades everY year, because we live in a time of technological improvements AND...the little bit of testosterone that's in all of us. What thing?...Built by man!...Could this be?...I ask you!

PS. Write down all of the capitalized letters that apear by themselves abnormally.

[ March 01, 2002: Message edited by: Brian Heath ]

SAy whaaaaat?

I know its the kind I have lived through to spend six months spewing my reply!

Costa Rica ......Shiznit! Thats just the beginning, Try Torres Del Piane! or the eight days to cross the Aticama desert as it dries your every circulating molecule.. from your pinky toe nail to the the flesh surrounding your very organ in which you can no longer feel present because of the previous three weeks on dirt roads of the Peruvoian Andes!

Well its beer time npo time to waste preaching to the choir!

Peace to the REDslowndeelpl!

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