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Rejetting my KLX650R after adding a pipe

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This is about my KLX650R but probably applies to any 4-stroke...

Since I had the carb apart for cleaning I decided to rejet the bike since it has a supertrapp & airbox cover removed. I noticed that all US KLX650R models came stock with #138 mains yet Canadian models were delivered with #155.

I made quick drive to Proline & picked up a #155 for 4 bucks then came home to zip the bike back together. I also changed the oil & filter, cleaned/oiled the air filter and lubed the chain.

So it started on the third kick like usual, but I worried a little becuase there was hesitation going from pilot to main when it was cold. After warming up for a couple minutes I made a few short laps around the yard... and Wow. That $4 part (combined with the new exhaust) made an incredible difference in performance. The hesitation was gone too.

Before rejetting I had to sit back & pull the bars a little to get the front end up just by rolling the throttle in 2nd. No more.. now I roll the throttle in second and the front end is UP!

Moral of this story?

If you add an aftermarket pipe - REJET. You'll get a little boost in power if you don't but you won't see half of it till that carb is set up for the increased engine flow.

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