Broke footpeg bolts

Came down from a jump really hard and almost fell off the bike and wrecked. Looked to see why and the footpeg was missing. Found the footpeg, rode the bike home, and lo-n-behold I snapped both bolts off inside of the frame. I got the bolts out and it appears they snapped right at the beginning of the threads. Bad part is when they snapped, they marr'd the bolt hole openings on the frame and now the hole openings that are supposed to be circular are oval shapped and warped. the inside of the bolt holes are still round, just the very end of the bolt hole where it exits the frame is oval shapped. question...will it hurt to put new bolts in and ride the bike like this, and if i shouldnt do that, how should I go about correcting the problem? thanx in advance for any info provided.

Broken foot peg bolts well I have heard of that problem!!First try and keep them real tight!!I would get a tap and run it thru then buy the new bolts.Did you have the special washer behind the bolts??It was an update from the factory,they recomend checking them regularly for proper torque!!!!good luck glad you didnot get hurt!terry.


Based on posts from the XR650R Yahoo group, I carry spare right footpeg bolts in my trail kit.

"Did you have the special washer behind the bolts? It was an update from the factory...."

I have not seen a post on this before now. What is this special washer or are you just pulling our chain? :)


I have heard of the washer but I dont know if there was one present on the bike or not when everything snapped. I had to look for the footpeg in a field so there is a good chance I could have had one and just didnt see it in the field. I ordered the bolts from Honda...10 BUX FOR TWO BOLTS!!!!! Good golly miss molly!!!

XRSpeedRacer, another tip, most of the hardware on the bike you can get at a local hardware store for pennies instead of dollars. You can get stronger bolts like grade 8 or stainless steel. The two footpeg bolts are different sizes. One is a M10 X 40 flange bolt, and the other is a M10 X 45 flange bolt. The "M" before the 10 stands for Metric. If you don't know the size of a bolt, go to and look it up. In the discription it will be listed like this, BOLT, FLANGE (10X45).

MaXRSmart :)

Well in the wrench honda motorcycle technician newsletter feb/march year2000 they showed a washer 12.5mm is to be intalled on the rt footpeg.note that the washer is a loose fit on the bolt and is mounted with the sharp side of the washer facing towards the engine.additionally,if the bike is used for competition ,use a light thread lock fluid and even if safety wired ,be sure to check the footpeg regularly.40 foot lbs torquethe washer goes on the back bolt closes to the rear wheel.thats all folks terryhotshoe!!!

If the holes are damaged beyond repair, try to find a bolt that will og all the way through and run down a nut on the other side. Another possible option would be to drill the bolt hole and put in a threaded insert. Both are somewhat questionable given that I haven't seen the problem.

Regarding this washer, my bike has what appears to be a shim type washer between the frame and the footpeg.

Is that what we're talking about?

00 650R

Originally posted by Malcom Dunlevy:

Regarding this washer, my bike has what appears to be a shim type washer between the frame and the footpeg.

Is that what we're talking about?

00 650R


Your bike has the washer & spacer. :) You might want to replace the footpeg bolts. They are original.

One of the bolts was an Allen bolt, and I didnt realize that you could get those in the local hardware stores. Hmmmm, would have done nicely to ask huh :) .

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