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Wheel weights?

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I recently bought two new tires for my WR450. The bike is dual sported so I bought some aggressive DOT tires. A Micheling Baja rear and a Michelin Enduro Comp 3 front. When i picked the bike up I noticed wheel weights on the rim. I asked the mechanic what was up with those. He replied "I balanced your tires." I thought that's odd, I had never had them before, maybe these new tires need them?

First ride was f-ing weird, it was like the bike had a mind of it's own. Squirrly and really nervous. I rode the bike on the pavement and it seemed fine. I was questioning why it feels so sketchy on dirt? All kinds of dirt! Hard pack, sand, mud, normal sod, everything! I was at a loss. Was I just not used to these tires? (I did get them in a different size) I've had several kinds of tires, and none of them felt this way. I thought I just pitched $200 in the toilet. Then tonight after a 2 hour ride, I was bumming, I was starting to not like the bike. I thought &%$#@!, I may as well take these weights off and see if that changes anything, I was desperate. So I pryed the little bastards off.

HOLY SHIET! It worked! My bike was set free! It cornered, it held, no more nervous twitch! I was stoked again!

My question is this, do some motorcyles need wheel weights? I've never seen them before on an off road bike.

Why would the weights cause the bike to ride so eratically? Centrifugal force, flex, overweighted, did he radically unbalance the tires? I don't know, do you? :cry:

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