Rim locks vs speed??

I ripped my valve stem off my rear tire on my 00 650L today and I wont do another ride without some rim locks! Do I need to get the wheel balanced? I ride mostly fire roads at about 70 mph. Thanks

I run two rim locks. You have to drill a hole across from the stock rim lock. Mine is off one to make up for the valve stem. Makes it real close to balanced. I have three sets of rims so, one has two stock rim locks and one has talon rim locks and the last has motion pro rim locks so, the rim locks weigh the same on each side. My Excel front rim has two rim locks to balance it as well. One good stoppy and the valve stem in the front is leaned over as well running two in the front stops this and makes the tire a little harder to mount but, it's balanced as well....it's the one that matters the most when it comes to balancing.....stops the vibration to the bars.

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