86 XL600R running too hot....

What troubleshooting steps should I take to solve this problem?.....

A search will bring up answers, but I'll help out.

First, do know just how hot it is actually getting? If your oil temps get up close to 300*F, then you know you are overheating.

Make sure you're not running lean, your valves have correct clearance, your driveline spins freely, and that your cooling fins arent all muddied or greased up. Also make sure you're full on oil and that your exhaust isnt clogged up with carbon(not common, but something that came to mind as a possibility, esp if its old).

Ok....Temp is hot enough to make the oil smell burnt and to make the stator go out.....Drive train is free and fins are clean....Oil was actually over full....How do I make sure that I am not running lean?

On the oil, overfilled is bad too. Starts finding ways out and sometimes pops a case seal dong so. Burning it is really bad too.

To see if you're running lean, pull out the spark plug and check the color. White is lean, tan and light/medium brown is ideal, and black is rich. Its not that simple, though. The color changes depending on what throttle position and rpm you were in before shutting off the bike. I think qadsan has posted some more detailed plug reading directions.

ok thanks for your time....

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