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James thanks for your help

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I bought your kit and rode at Capitol forest today. It took a little messing with the idle and fuel mixture screws to get the bike to run clean. My dealer had a 155 main in there before that seems to lean. Anyway your kit is awesome!

I went with your advice and used the blue needle in the 3rd position. The bike runs clean all the way through with this setup in addition to the 178 main and 1 1/2 turns on the fuel mixture screw.

You mentioned that the red needle in the 5th position is pretty similar but it would depend on personal preference. Will I see any difference by switiching to the red?

Your kit works better than a lot of other things on the market that just turn out to be a waste of money. I will recommed your product anytime.



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The red marked needle #5 clip position will be leaner at low throttle and slightly richer near 3/8-1/2 throttle.

It's good to hear the jetting kit is working well for you.



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