Off idle bog with #40 leak jet - (Anyone sick of this topic?)

I finally got a #40 leak jet and I'm still experiencing off idle bog. 2/3 throttle still shuts 'er down. First thoughts anyone? Has anyone had complete success getting rid of the bog?

'03 WR450 - open stock exhaust, 168 main, 45 pilot, f-screw @ 1 3/4, jd blue #4, 0 feet elevation.

why don't you try disconecting your TPS? it's as easy as unplugging a connector, and you can hook it right back up if you don't like the results. just a thought, since nothing else has worked for you.

Make sure you run your idle on the high side. Try a 48 pilot and a 170 main. You can also plug your leak jet. :cry:

I'll consider plugging the leak jet... if everyone is convinced that a lean condition is causing the problem.

I just swapped 170/50 out for the 168/45. I wanted to go with the 48 but didn't have one, and e-start is a whore with the 50.

I need to double check the squirt timing, try the 48, and then plug the leak... and then buy a 300EXC.

Anything else?

Hey, I noticed you're using a 72 starter jet... what the heck does the starter jet do? I have a 72 lying around...

I dont think you need to go to the extreme of buying a KTM300EXC. But I agree it just may be the best off road weapon for racing. :cry: I just think the WR450 is the best off road / all terrain trail riding bike in the world! :cry: :cry: :cry:

I just think the WR450 is the best off road / all terrain trail riding bike in the world!

Agreed... I'm not going anywhere.

Now about that starter jet... What function does it serve?

The starter jet is for the choke only affects starting.

Thanks RB. Does it only affect starting with the choke engaged? One fast kick is all I need to start, but the e-start rarely works.

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