xr600 xr400 aftermarket fork spring users

I got some aftermarket springs installed in the XR600. They are a .45kg rate, stiffer than stock. But they were shorter by about 60mm in length. So they come with a spacer you have to cut.

Well I did the spacer, and when you loosen up the compression dampening you lose about 3" of travel. I could sit there and bottom the forks by pushing down on the bars. Reason, the spacer is to long. Anyone else notice this?

Well I found a solution. I have some Valve springs left over from the heads in my car. Same diameter as the stock XR springs. They are 110lb at seat height and 270lbs open. Figured they would be perfect! Well they about are! The forks ride soft like a progressive, and I gained back the suspension travel. I did have to use a bit of the spacer, but it is only like 1" compared to about 4" before.

I have like 7 pairs left if anyone is interested. Just email me.


From what manufacturer were the aftermarket fork springs from?

Eibach, Racetech and WB springs are all the same specs in length. All shorter than stock.

Eibach springs are longer than the race tech.

The Eibachs are 510mm which is about 28mm too short.

I think the racetechs are about 470mm

I am curious though, how does the lb rates translate in kg rates? If a valve spring could be found that was MUCH stiffer than the fork springs, it would make a great "anti-bottoming" type spring. So these valve springs are about 3" long?

Great idea Matt!!

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