I love my 450!

I have an 04 , and out of the box with some /bars/triple clamp/air screw adjuster it is nearly perfect. I have enough time on it now to have the opinion, this is by far my favorite bike. I have rode almost every bike out over the last 3 years and this thing just rips! I see a lot of 426 posts on here, and liked that bike too, if it wasn't for the weight, but It is like night and day. I probably get an 06 when it comes out, but I can't see it getting much better. Just thought I'd share an opinion after an awesome riding day! Get it on an outdoor style track and it is the shizzznit! :cry:

I took both my 250f and my brand spanking new 450f to the I5MX track on Friday. Both have the suspension done by Enzo. I have ridden the 250f for 6 months with the suspension including at this track. I rode it first. When the race time came around I decided on the 450f. It felt faster and handled exactly like my 250f. I'm telling you exactly. I came off the start around 4th and held it for the first lap. I stalled in a corner (trying to shift into first or something). I was bummed. Got passed by 8 people. I restarted and now I'm really glad I was on the 450f. I picked off 4 back, including two on the uphill whoops. Finished 8th. I really like the bike. I probably would not have stalled the 250f. But I really had less then an hour time on the 450f.

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