For all you racer wannabee's

Just thought you might be interested in some comment's from the 250 side from the post "first race sob story" For some, it's all about riding, for others, who knows.....the boaring part I just can't understand. I've been on the track and trail and find nothing boaring about either. I guess I just don't get this one. I think he views racing as hardcore and trail riding a good time to pick flowers and have a lemonade in the shade. tea and crumpets ride at my house tonight. Since we are riding the trails, we will go slow and pretend we are husker mike.

Husker Mike

Member posted 06-27-2001 07:47 PM


Hey *mike68*,

There's nothing wrong with being a trail rider, I guess. To each there own. I prefer to test my skills against others in closed course competition. I find trail riding a bit boring. But that's me. Still, most of the "trail riders" I've ever seen were wannabe racers.

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Boaring, While just the other day I was riding and sipping water (with a twist of lemon) from my camelback and a wild chipmonk darted out in front of me! He tried to unhorse me with a dazzeling display of agressive darting and weaving infront of my front tire! Now that I think of it, maybe he was trying to race me. Wow, how exciting that was, maybe ill switch to Gatoraid in my camelback and hit the track. Oh wait, I suppose that means I will have to spit polish my bike and get some stickers on it to make it faster, and numbers for the front and side, I think those guys shave their bodies clean for weight savings too. Well, maybe Ill just keep on trail riding then. :)

You can go though the same corner a thousand times, or a thousand corners only once. Personally, I prefer a thousand corners once. Riding in a circle is very boring.

If you want to race, try racing to a destination 35 miles away on unfamiliar trails. :)

Trails boring? Huh? Gee, I rarely touch the same trail twice in one ride. the track just goes round and around-same thing every time. That guys must have crappy trails.

sure it's fun to test you're skills a against someone else, but come on-this is man vs. machine vs. nature here.

i know a guy like that, too. he just sucks as a trail rider, that's all. give him a hill with a log to cross up the hill, and watch him cower like a puppy dog. He can run the track very well, though. so can the little 6 year olds on the TT90's.

it takes more skill to ride the trails, more courage to take the big jumps. I'm lacking courage :)

racing wannabee, mcarp :D

BORING...... Somebody call tell him to Come riding with me one weekend....When were finished for the day and he still think's Trail riding is Boring :D

"I'll kiss his butt and give you 30 minutes to draw a crowd!" :)

They don't call me the Yamacazi for nothin.... :D


I do believe that Khris has nailed this one folks.Interesting perspective and well said Khris!

Yes well said Khris but I think you added one two many 0's. Thats 20 foot cliffs not 200 :) Most track guys have a problem hauling freight on trails because turns and trees come up unexpectedly along with rocks and roots. This tends to spook the s#*+ out of the average track rider. Most trail riders get bored of motocross tracks. In my opinion single track at an alarming rate of speed is where its at.


Tom Webb wrote a great story years ago about some young MX punk saying trails/off-road is for washed up, old MXers. I think they took him for a trail ride with LR & a few others.....


Personally in my limited experience with racing and riding... when I am in a race (hare scramble) that has a track as a small leg of the entire course, the track is where I relax because I know the terrain is smooth, there are berms for the turns and not a root in site, even the whoops are evenly spaced and rythmic.

But I think the bigger message here is not to be so judgemental of things you have not experienced before. It's only theory until you try it, then I will take you opinion seriously.

that is all,





2001 WR250F - Snorkle out, t-stop cut, grey wire mod, YZ timed, DR.D Pipe, Cycra Pro-Bend guards, Ty Davis/IMS seat and tank, handlebar hot start, panoram computer, Mich S-12 Rear/ Mich starcross MS2 front, Ty Davis rad supports (don't waste you money on these), Scotts Damper and triple clamp w/ Protaper bars, stock jetting, fuel screw 1.75 out, that's about it...

I have grown up riding open desert and on tracks. The tracks are a blast because you get to test yourself against others and there is always someone there better then you to push you harder. It's nonstop exercise cause the bumps never stop and the track doesn't level off. I get a rush everytime I go around the track. My eyes have recently been opened to riding single track trails. This is fun too just in a different way. I think the track builds your skills faster and allows you to hone them but those skills taken onto a trail can help you haul ass!! At least until you hit the oncoming traffic on a blind corner, like me, which I'm not used to. I think the more variety of riding you get under your belt the more rounded of a rider you become. I think I could climb a steep hill with a log in it even though I never have because at the desert I climb 200' cliffs that have 6"-12" ledges that stick out, some backwards/upside down. I think this climbing experience tranfers to trail hill climbing. Cornering on the track which you get lots of practice on, and I need the practice, should help you on the trail hitting the corners. In general I don't think I would say one is better then the other, I would say that there are different funs and rushes with each type. I think those that ride all will get the most well rounded experiences and may have the best opportunity to sharpen their skills.



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

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That comment is from one who is likely a big old poseur who has more stickers than riding hours.

I've done both. Although it's been awhile, moto is fine. Bigger jumps, harder into the turns, shorter time but very intense, more spectators. I have preferred desert/mountain riding/racing since my 3rd year of riding. It's a very personal choice. But if all offroad were outlawed and there was only moto, I'd still do it. Choose your poison. Best part is we have the choice..... For now.

I raced MX for 8 years. Back in the old days (1981-83), we raced 30+ minute moto's. The thrill of sitting on the gate and blasting through that first turn with 30 other guys is a thrill that is tough to beat.

During the week, between races, I would ride my DT250 Yamaha on the trails, up and down rivers. The sheer joy of just putzing around was tough to beat.

During the week, in between races and riding my DT250, I would plonk around at hideously slow speeds on a Honda QA50 (hard tailed, two speed "Minitrail"). I would take my dog with me. I could ride that thing on nature trails around my house. No one cared since it was so quiet and ugly. Plus walking my dog was a wholesome thing to do. The memories of having fun with my dog are hard to beat.

Going to work everyday saw me riding my Yamaha Seca 650. I loved carving through the turns, enjoying the wind in my face, even riding through rain and snow. My friends would meet me with their bikes and we'd cruise around Minneapolis. We took a couple of trips, one to Rapid City , South Dakota (NOT Sturgis) and once to eastern Wisconsin to check out a World War 2 Fleet submarine. I really enjoy seeing the world on a bike. Cruising on the open road, whether on a crotch rocket, cruiser, or conventional bike is hard to beat.

Last fall, I was blessed by going to Moab to meet my TTalk buds and ride terrain that was totally virgin to me. Single track...what is that? Talk about exhilarating! Words cannot justify what and where I rode. The orange rock in Moab literally glows at sunset. Riding on my WR, in Moab, with my TTalk Pals, is hard to beat.

To hear/read people bash a form of riding, because they don't do it, is just a blatant sign of ignorance and arrogance.

There are all sorts of thrills in life. ALL forms of motorcycling is JUST ONE OF THEM!


'99 WZ/YR (you choose!) with ALL YZ mods, de-octopused, DSP Doug Henry airbox w/ velocity stack, FMF PowerBomb header, Stroker SX-1 silencer, SS front brake line, forked over by Pro-Action (and then fixed by me), OEM YZ tank, IMS YZ seat, gray wire severed, carb mods by Jim Dean, Andy in OZ, & Sir "Taffy" from Jolly Old England, AMA, NESC, and I use MOBIL 1 Oil, with ZERO problems.

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